Ports and Passes

New Ports and Passes Maps!

Introducing two new Topographic Planning Maps.


Broughton Islands and Mainland Inlets Map

Broughton's Map


Desolation Sound and Discovery Islands Map

Desolation Sound Map Map

Created for cruising boaters, kayakers, and sportsmen!

Ports and Passes

Ports and Passes

Tides and Currents for BC, Washington, and Southeast Alaska!

Ports and Passes is the most complete reference guide for tides and currents along our beautiful coastline.


Ports and Passes eBooks

Ports and Passes

Introducing 3 new eBook Volumes of Ports and Passes for your Kindle Fire Tablet or free Kindle Reading App!

  • Volume 1 -contains Puget Sound, Juan de Fuca Strait, and the San Juan Islands tides and currents.

  • Volume 2 - contains Gulf Islands and Georgia Strait tides and currents.

  • Volume 3 - contains West Coast Vancouver Island, BC North Coast and Southeast Alaska tides and currents.

Current Atlas Tables

Current Atlas Table

The perfect accompaniment to the Canadian Current Atlas

So Easy to Use!

Free Tide & Current Tables

If you are looking for tide and current tables not normally found in books, follow the "updates" link to explore new parts of the coast, or click here.


Skipper's Logbook

Everything you need in a logbook!

Introducing the new Logbook from Ports and Passes, the trusted tide and current tables book.

  • Emergency radio procedures.
  • Daily record and journal sheets.
  • Crew and guest register sheets.
  • Maintenance and fuel log sheets.
  • Calculating tides and currents at secondary stations instructions and worksheets.


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Readers Write:

Last summer, my husband and I took our Uniflight to explore the areas North of Desolation Sound. I was very worried about the passage through Hole in the Wall and Yaculta Rapids. My husband used Ports and Passes to plan our transit time but I still couldn't sleep the night before. It turns out that I had nothing to worry about. He followed your advice and the trip was fantastic. Thanks for your great book! Linda - Seattle, Wa