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Ports and Passes


Ports and Passes is available at BC and US boating book retailers



Popular suppliers of all things nautical in publications and information in BC and Washington

  • Captains Nautical Supplies
    The oldest US chart agent is right in Seattle. Mail and special orders welcome. World wide coverage of marine charts, both paper and electronic, compasses, sextants and everything you need to navigate

  • Canadian National Defence
    Canada and the US use the joint range for operational readiness training exercises and for evaluating the reliability of torpedoes and related systems. The US also uses this range as their primary test facility for the development and production proofing of ASW weapons.

    For range status, call Winchelsea Control (888) 221-1011

  • Canadian Power Squadron
    Take a boating course and prepare for a safe boating future.
  • Maptech/Richardsons
    Source of the famous Maptech Chartkits & Waterproof Chartbooks for US waters.
  • Pacific Marine Publishing
    Publishers of fine marine handbooks & marine magazines.Look for Docks and Destinations or Anchorages Marine Parks at your favourite book store.
  • Shipwrite Productions
    Publications & Consulting and Seminars with a focus on electronic navigation and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Pacific Yachting Magazine
    Stay updated and informed about local boating issues. PY and PY Northwest

  • Waggoner Cruising Guide
    The Waggoner Guide has been guiding boaters to spectacular Northwest destinations since 1994.

  • Waggoner Guide Books
    Begin your cruise planning with Waggoner Guide Books and Maps.
  • These publishers and suppliers of publications recommend and sell Ports and Passes in their stores.
    Remember to pick up your copy!