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We at Ports and Passes believe that we live in the best corner of the world for exploring by boat. The only shortcoming is that our summer season quickly moves into fall and winter. It is then that the true, die-hard explorers become separate from the fair-weather sailors. We have to confess that even we waiver between the two ideologies on many occasions!

On this page we have listed all our partners, dealers, suppliers, and advertisers sorted as to category. We hope you find this list useful in preparing for your next cruise, or when you happen to find yourself blown into an unfamiliar harbour.

Boating Around Killer Whales - South Coast of BC

Be aware of the new protection strategy

Travelling to Alaska

Read the Southeast Alaska Waterway Guide

Anchoring in False Creek

Be aware of the regulations when Anchoring in False Creek

Port of Victoria Traffic Scheme
Knowing and understanding how the boating and air traffic flows into the Port of Victoria is important.


More Preditions

Ports and Passes is the most comprehensive boating tide book available for Washington and BC that includes tides, currents, and charts. A full year of tide tables and current tables for Vancouver Island, Puget Sound, and other popular boating areas in the Pacific Northwest are included. In addition, Ports and Passes includes lists of services and amenities available at the major harbours in British Columbia and Washington.

If you are looking for free tide and current predictions for places like Nahwitti Bar, Hole in the Wall, or tricky Alaska currents, follow the predictions link button below..

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British Columbia Dealers

You can find Ports and Passes at your favourite boating bookstore, chandler or fuel dock from Sooke to Prince Rupert.

Washington Dealers

Ports and Passes is easy to find along Puget Sound, in the San Juans, and even on the Olympic Peninsula.

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Seattle Boat Show

Ports and Passes at Seattle Boat Show

It was so great to see everyone at the Seattle Boat Show! Hope to see you there again next year.